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Protocol Education and the National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

The NTP was formed in 2020 to help schools access subsidised high-quality tuition and provide a sustained response to the coronavirus pandemic. Protocol Education has been a Tuition Partner since the programme started, and we have helped schools across the country to close the attainment gap.


How we can help

With our experience and systems, we match the needs of your pupils with the right tutors in your area. To deliver tuition programmes that have a positive and lasting impact on students. Meeting a key requirement of the National Tutoring Programme.

Meeting NTP requirements

  • Bespoke Online Portal
    Tutors use our LEAP online portal to record and upload assessments, alongside session feedback. Which is available to our school clients. To keep oversight over their tuition programmes.

  • Pupil Assessments
    All our tutors access an online assessment portal powered by our partner, Ed Place. Featuring 30 dynamic assessments to uncover attainment gaps and check that the skills and knowledge gaps have been filled over the course of the 15 hours of tuition.

    Added to data derived from our LEAP platform, Protocol Education can provide a truly comprehensive picture of pupil progress and the impact of the tuition programme.

Our approach to placing Tutors

  • Vetting
    We apply the same high standard of vetting to our tutors, as we do our teaching and support staff.

    Tutors undergo face-to-face interviews, Enhanced DBS and barred list checks, proof of right to work, full qualification review, career and reference history covering the last 6 years.

  • Training
    Two mandatory pieces of training needs to be completed before our Tutors are available for your NTP programme. Both of which we make freely available.

    1. Certificated Level 2 Safeguarding - completed within the last 12 months.

    2. Newly CPS accredited Tutor Toolkit Programme, facilitated by our partner company Best Practice Network.

  • Availability
    With over 9,000 cleared teachers, tutors and support staff available. We're confident we'll have you covered. With 30 local branches across the country maintaining close ties with our candidates.

  • Local support
    Our network of local branches means our tutor provision will always be on a local scale. Our teams have superb local knowledge of the schools in their area and their particular needs.

    Having conducted a face-to-face interview with everyone who works through Protocol Education, our local consultants understand the skills and experiences of their pool of available tutors.



Thumbs up Protocol Education are great tutors

What our clients say

Holymead Primary school worked with our NTP team and Bristol branch to deliver NTP Tuition to their pupils in 2020/21.

"The NTP programme had such a positive impact on the children who took part. We started it just before all children came back to school following the Term 3 lockdown.  The children we initially targeted had been learning at home, so coming in for their tutor sessions was the first connection back into school. We found that the tutoring session not only had a positive impact on their learning but also on their confidence and enjoyment of learning. "

"The tutor made sure the learning was tailored to the children's needs, engaging for all and very well planned and scaffolded. The children were always eager to go to their group and then share their new learning back in class. In addition to seeing a raise if confidence and academic progress, we also had numerous positive reports from parents, who felt that the sessions had been extremely beneficial to their children."

Jane Robinson, Deputy Headteacher

Ashley Down Primary

"I have been really impressed with the outcome of our first tranche of tutoring from NTP. The team from Protocol have been polite, friendly, professional and a joy to work with. Gill has kept in contact and supported the process from the very beginning. She has taken the time to understand the needs of our KS1 children and supported the implementation of a timetable that best fits the children at my school. Sadie, our tutor, has had a great impact on the children's outcomes. They have grown in confidence and made good progress with learning and embedding their phonic knowledge and then applying this within both reading and writing. I would definitely recommend use of the NTP to help children close the gaps in their learning and Protocol as a provider of this service."

Julie Hogan, Head Teacher

Paulton Infant School


About the NTP

The NTP was formed in 2020 to help support schools in providing a sustained response to the coronavirus pandemic and to provide a longer-term contribution to closing the attainment gap. 

The NTP is currently selecting Tuition Partners who meet their extensive quality safeguarding and evaluation standards. Schools will be able to access heavily subsidised tuition programmes from these Tuition Partners. The tuition sessions themselves will be focused on delivering tutoring to as many disadvantaged pupils as possible.

Our tutors

We will provide schools with qualified teachers and experienced tutors to deliver our programmes. All of our tutors will have been through the Tutor Toolkit training and have completed Safeguarding training within the last 12 months. The tutors working with your pupils will be handpicked for the role based on the needs of the children.

About the Tutor Toolkit

The Tutor Toolkit is CPD Certified training and free of charge for our registered teachers and learning support staff. It includes six modules (some compulsory for NTP tuition) and will help tutors acquire the strategies and techniques to deliver truly impactful tuition. The course is delivered utilising a range of original infographics, animations and videos used to illustrate important concepts supported by real-life examples.

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