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You are just five steps away from becoming a National Tutoring Programme tutor.

This page will guide you through the training and technology you will need, and the responsibilities you will undertake as an NTP tutor.

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The Five Steps

To ensure you're ready to deliver National Tutoring Programme tuition programmes we need you to do some training, provide us with information and familiarise yourself with the technology that will support you. You must complete all five steps to be able to undertake any NTP work through Protocol Education.


Step 1: The Tutor Toolkit Training

All our tutors must complete this essential tutoring training. It's tailored to the skills you will need, easy to follow and fully certified. Find out more

Step 2: Level 2 Safeguarding

Have you completed level 2 safeguarding training within the last 12 months? You can upload your certificate or sign up for our free training course.Find out more

Step 3: Prevent Traning

Have you completed Prevent Training in the past 12 months? You can upload your certificate or complete a free online course.Find out more

Step 4: The Technology

This technology is going to help you assess needs, deliver tuition and monitor the progress of your pupils. You need to be familiar with each platform. Find out more

Step 5: NTP Roles & Responsibilities

We all have our roles to play in making the NTP a success, this document lays out what is expected of you, the school and Protocol Education. Find out more

Tutor Toolkit Training

Our partner, Best Practice Network has created this CPD Accredited tutor training, which will give you the insight and confidence to deliver successful tuition. You must complete the compulsory modules to be offered NTP tuition work. 

Compulsory modules

✓ The Tutor Role

Understanding the need for tuition and explore the role of the small group and one-to-one tutor. 

✓ Face-to-face Tuition

Practical strategies for creating a supportive learning environment for one-to-one and small group tuition

✓ Remote Tuition

Develop your digital skills to use technology safely and effectively to support online learning.

Optional modules

☐ Pedagogy and Practice

Produce resources, plans and activities informed by an understanding of the way children learn. 

☐ Effective Interventions

Discover effective strategies to promote pupil progress and improve outcomes. 

☐ Curriculum and Resources

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Please allow up to 2 working days for your login.


Level 2 Safeguarding

Level 2 Safeguarding

All our tutors must be able to demonstrate an understanding of child protection issues by having an up-to-date safeguarding training certificate. 

You can take our Safeguarding training free of charge. 

If you have a safeguarding certificate, which is not through us and is dated within the last 12 months. You can upload it directly here.

Upload a Certificate

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Prevent Training

All our tutors must have completed Prevent training and understand how they can help to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

You can take the E-Learning Training on Prevent free of charge. 

If you have a prevent certificate, which is not through us and is dated within the last 12 months. You can upload it directly here.

Upload a Certificate

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The Technology

Delivering  NTP tuition effectively is going to require the use of technology. The three technology platforms we have in place for you are intuitive to use and will really help you assess, plan and monitor the progress of your work. Alongside our platforms the NTP had its own Online Tuition Hub.

✓ Leap Tuition Platform

LEAP's reporting features help you communicate session feedback and pupil progress to schools. The platform also has tools for recording pupil attendance and viewing assessment data. This platform you will access each time you have tuition and has access inbuilt to our other 2 platforms (Bramble & EdPlace Online Assessments) 

✓ Bramble Online Classroom

Bramble is our online classroom platform. Suitable for 1:1 and small group tuition lessons. It functions as a virtual whiteboard, in real-time.

✓ EdPlace Online Assessment

An online assessment tool, which quickly identifies areas requiring intervention. Students complete at the beginning and end of their tuition block. This tool helps you plan and evaluate your tuition for each child.

➜ What Information will the Assessment Tell Me?

➜ How Can I Integrate Assessment Data into My Tutoring Plan?

➜ How Can I Use the Topics in the Report to Identify Resources for the Tuition Plan?

✓ NTP - Online Tuition Hubs

This central hub has been designed and maintained by the NTP and will need to be updated by creating time sheets for every session that is completed, this will allow the school to sign them off weekly

Read the user guide

NTP Roles & Responibilities

​This is where we set out the roles and responsibilities for tutors, school staff and Protocol Education involved in National Tutoring Programmes. 

By agreeing to and following the roles and responsibilities, you will help ensure the programme runs effectively and makes the greatest possible positive impact on the education of pupils you tutor.

Read and Sign

Your data and privacy

The 'Tutor Privacy Notice' outlines how your data stored and used, and the 'Tutor Withdrawal From' gives you the option to opt-out at any time. 

➜ Tutor Withdrawal Form

➜ Tutor Privacy Notice

➜ Tips for Data Protection as a Tutor