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The National Tutoring Programme & Protocol Education

About over 2 years ago By Scott Owen

One to one tuition and heavily subsidised small group tuition via the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) this summer from Protocol Education

​Since the launch of the National Tutoring Programme in November 2020, Protocol Education has successfully delivered heavily subsidised one-to-one and small group tuition to over 9,000 pupils in schools right across the country. To do this the company has trained hundreds of specialist tutors via the Tutor Toolkit training developed for Protocol Education by their partner company, Best Practice Network. The Tutor Toolkit helps tutors develop and hone skills to ensure that pupils are able to make the maximum progress possible during the 15-hour tuition blocks. To support schools ability to make the greatest use of the NTP funded tuition, Protocol Education built a process that is quick and easy for schools to use and delivers timely and usable information on pupil progress for the class teacher. Here is some of the feedback we have received recently for our tutors:

"The feedback from the children is very positive. The children tell me that they have ‘so much fun’ with their tutor. They really enjoy their sessions and can relay back what they have learnt afterwards." - Lindsey Wain, Hartburn Primary School

"I have been really impressed with the outcome. The team have been a joy to work with. The children have grown in confidence and made good progress with learning, reading and writing. I would definitely recommend the use of the NTP to help children close the gaps in their learning, with Protocol as a provider." - Julie Hogan, Paulton Infant School

"The programme has been running really well. The tutor has gone out of his way to develop great relationships with the children. He is proactive in liaising with teachers and we can see the impact on the children." - Bridget Norman, Hillcrest Primary School, Bristol

"The NTP has been great for the children in our school. We have had a super tutor who has worked closely with teachers to make sure tutoring fitted the needs of the children. This has meant that the children have made excellent progress." - Laura Cole, Holyandswaine Primary School

NTP Tuition and Summer Programmes

If your school is running a summer school or catch-up programme this year, you can now include NTP programmes as part of your offering. Protocol Education is working with schools and academies across the country to put tutors in place to provide one-to-one and small group tuition sessions throughout the summer break. The 15-hour tuition programmes are tailored to the precise needs of your pupils and a perfect way to ensure they are September ready.As it develops through the next academic year, the 15-hour tuition programmes will continue to target those most affected by learning loss and the disruption caused by the pandemic, and Protocol Education plans to be very much part of the continued success of the NTP.

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