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Catch-Up Tuition Funding Explained

About about 1 month ago By Scott


Catch-Up Tuition Funding Explained

What is Catch-Up Tuition? Who gets funding for Catch-Up tuition? And what can the funding be used for?

In June, the government announced that an extra £1 billion of funding would be made available to support children and young people to catch-up after the school closures. This has been split into two parts, the Catch-Up Premium (£650m) and the National Tuition Programme (£350m).

The Catch-Up Premium

The Catch-Up Premium is for the 2020/21 academic year and will be paid to all schools on a per-pupil basis in termly tranches.
Schools eligible for funding are:

  • Primary, secondary and all through local-authority-maintained schools, academies, and free schools

  • Local-authority-maintained special schools

  • Special academies and free schools

  • Special schools not maintained by a local authority

  • Pupil referral units

  • Alternative provision (AP) academies and free schools

  • Local-authority-maintained hospital schools and academies

  • Independent special schools

The funding is set at £80 per pupil from Reception to Year 11 in mainstream schools and £240 per pupil in special schools and provisions. Payments will be made to schools via three tranches during the autumn, spring and summer terms based on the number of pupils on roll during the October school census.


•A primary school with 400 pupils will receive £32,000 in additional funding

•A secondary school with 1000 pupils will receive £80,000 in additional funding

•A special school or PRU with 100 pupils will receive £24,000 in additional funding

Use of these Funds

Schools have been instructed to use these funds "for specific activities to support their pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months."

To support schools the government asked the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to publish a support guide for schools with evidence-based approaches to catch up for all students. This guide makes a strong case that the best way for children to catch-up quickly is via one-to-one and small group tuition.

Monitoring & Reporting

As with all funding, school leaders will be expected to account for how it has been used to benefit pupils' learning. The framework for the non-graded Ofsted inspections to be held during the autumn term 2020, will include the use of this funding and the school's plans to support catch-up for pupils.

The National Tutoring Programme

£350 million of funding has been earmarked for the National Tutoring Programme. The programme will launch to schools in November. This programme is tightly focussed on providing 15-hour clocks of one-to-one tuition to provide additional, targeted support to accelerate the closing of the attainment gap for those children and young people who suffered the greatest impact from missed schooling.

The NTP is a more structured programme where schools purchase 15-hour blocks of tuition from accredited providers. With the school paying 15% of the cost and 85% of the cost being met by the NTP. The NTP is currently choosing partner organisations who will provide the tuition staff to schools. Schools will be free to choose between these organisations.

Find out more about how Protocol Education can help you manage your catch-up tuition requirements

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Catch-Up Tuition Funding Explained

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