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TeamTeach at Protocol Education

Protocol Education are pleased to be able to offer teachers and support workers who work with them access to our in-house TeamTeach training programme.

Protocol Education now has 6 fully qualified TeamTeach trainers on their staff and are able to provide access to a number of courses. These include a 1 day (6hr) basic course, a 2 day (12hr) more intensive course and refresher courses. All the TeamTeach programmes have a holistic foundation and focus on a 95% de-escalation / 5% physical intervention approach. 

The courses are tailored to the needs of medium risk individuals with challenging behaviours and service settings such as special schools and Pupil Referral Units. Typically the staff we train will be supporting individuals with documented challenging behaviours or special needs that foreseeably poses a physical risk to self or others.

The courses cover: 

  • Personal safety
  • Team building
  • Non-verbal and verbal de-escalation communication strategies
  • Positive handling techniques
  • Documentation and legal guidance, listening and learning, recording, reporting and reviewing


Why TeamTeach Works

Team Teach trainer Ella Stevens explains what our courses contain, what candidates get our of them and why the skills are so important


“It gives you the confidence to go into a classroom and handle a variety of situations.”

Shannell Jackson - Sheffield

TeamTeach for Schools and SEN Services 

The flexibility we derive from employing our own trainers means we can ensure your school or service stay fully staffed. If you are already using TeamTeach or you are considering adopting it, we can quickly create a pool of qualified teachers and teaching assistants you can call on for daily, long-term and permanent vacancies. Their training means they will seamlessly fit in with your approach to behaviour management and de-escalation.

TeamTeach for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Increasingly more and more SEND Schools and services expect that all staff are Team Teach trained. So it is essential for anyone wanting to build their career in this direction to have access to this training. We recognise that this is a big commitment but also that this is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills and further their careers. To support you, we can offer this training at a heavily subsidised cost to our Teachers and Teaching Assistants.
Pupils within SEND environments can display more aggressive behaviour. This is especially within Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) provisions or when dealing with Autism. TeamTeach training encourages you to understand why a behaviour is happening, rather than simply trying to control it, and provides a framework to de-escalate the behaviour before having to resort to restraint.

What do our teachers and teaching assistants have to say about the Team Teach course?

Here's what some of our teachers and teaching assistants had to say after recently completing TeamTeach training at Protocol Education:

  • “Excellent active participation in learning the moves and holds” - Esther Bruer
  • “It was a very relaxed environment where the tutors were engaging and humorous at times” - Waris Ali
  • “Content was very relevant to the job and highly valuable. The trainers were very approachable” - S McAndrew
  • “Trainer had excellent knowledge and understanding” - Grace O’Malley
  • “Holds were modelled and then checked to ensure we were doing them correctly” - Amy Burns
  • “I thought the group participation and interaction was very good” - Jonathan Grimshaw
  • “A strength of the course was the knowledge of the trainers” - Daniel Taylor




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