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National Teaching Assistants' Day

They can be the lifeline to the teacher and the key to unlocking the potentials of students who require a little extra attention.


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“Shoe tying, tear drying, song singing, book reading, smile bringing, multitasking, always asking, never resting, life changing teaching assistant.”



Providing support

Teaching assistants (TAs or Classroom Assistants) provide support and

assistance to teachers in the classroom. They play an important part in

students' lives as they help them to get the most of their education.

Duties of TAs

Duties of a Teaching Assistant can vary and depend on the school. They usually include, although might not be limited to, the following:

• Providing extra support to children struggling with a particular activity (mathematics, reading and writing) on an individual, class or small group basis

• Giving attention to children with special needs or requirements

• Supervising students on events and school trips

• Motivating and encouraging students

• Organising materials for lessons and marking papers





“Behind every good teacher is a great teacher’s assistants.”




The National Teaching Assistants Day

15th September 2017



About the National TAs' day

Protocol Education will celebrate the National Teaching Assistants' Day

on the 15th of September 2017 to recognise the valuable contribution

Teaching Assistants make to the education and support of school children

across the UK.


“I don’t claim to be unique, but as a bearded, sixty-one year old man, I obviously look a bit different to what I assume to be the more usual younger, female TA. The children must think so, as some have been bold enough to touch my beard out of curiosity, or ask such questions as “are you old?” and “have you fought in a war?” I suppose the honest answer to the first is “probably, but I haven’t been a soldier!”

Rikki | Protocol Education Teaching Assistant


“Mostly I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to assist and offer service to perhaps the most noble cause of all, shaping the next generation. Simply by being part of the system that molds the minds of tomorrow, I have been given the opportunity to expand my own experiences and develop myself as a person by helping other people develop also.”

Stephanie | Protocol Education Teaching Assistant



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