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Planning, staffing and delivering a successful summer school programme

Staffing a Summer School Programme to support Year 7 transition, catch-up or exam groups

The government has pledged £200m in funding to secondary schools looking to fund summer tuition. Read more on Our Guide to Summer School Funding and Staffing.

If you intend to run a summer school this year, Protocol Education can help. We are ready to supply the specialists that will make it a high-impact success for your pupils without creating an additional burden for you or your staff.

We can provide:

  • Qualified teachers

  • Trained Tuition Staff

  • Intervention and Special Needs experienced staff

  • Behaviour mentors

  • Sports coaches

  • Youth workers

  • Specialist to deliver a range of enrichment activities

Your local branch had hundreds of fully cleared, COVID Secure staff available to take part in your summer school.

Planning Your Summer School

What should the programme achieve?

A summer school needs a headline objective that gives teaching staff certainty and purpose. It is worth writing a sentence-length mission statement that actively articulates the outcome you want to produce for the specific cohort of pupils you have identified as most in-need of extra teaching.

Just as an example, a programme focusing on secondary school transition might go with a mission statement that reads: ‘Preparing incoming Year 7 disadvantaged pupils for secondary school’.

When should your summer school take place?

There is no right or wrong answer here, and it ultimately boils down to your circumstances and aims. A programme held in the middle of the holidays would reduce time spent away from school, while one held straight after the end of term may conflict less with teachers and pupils’ holiday plans.

Being able to rely on a flexible supply of quality teachers will give heads more freedom to pick the ideal dates for their summer school programme.

How will you get pupils to come?

Once you have a goal and a date in mind, it is time to think how you might engage parents and convince pupils that they should give up holiday time to participate.

You might want to let parents know about evidence showing that summer school programmes increase pupils’ confidence and self-esteem. While doing so, you can also tell pupils that summer school is a great opportunity to make friends, have fun and get a head start on their peers.

Above all, parents must be reassured that their children will be in safe and capable hands. You need to be able to point to a staff of highly-qualified teachers with relevant training, who have been recruited subject to DBS safeguarding checks.


Staffing Your Summer School​

We supply schools with exceptional teaching staff drawn from a database of flexible educational professionals. This summer, we will have thousands of teachers and support staff on hand to make sure your summer school is fully staffed.

We can provide teaching, support, tutoring and enrichment staff on a full or half-day basis to fit in with your planning. Your local consultant will guide you through the available educators and highlight those who are able to fulfil multiple roles within your programme.

Vetted, qualified educational professional

As an REC Audited supplier, we stringently vet our staff and train them to understand the needs of different schools. If you decide to use the funding available to host a summer school, our large pool of quality professionals can give you the flexibility to design your ideal programme.

To start assembling a summer teaching team that will inspire parents’ confidence and improve children’s prospects, get in touch with us today.

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