National Tutoring Programme SchoolLed Grant

Protocol Education has tackled pandemic learning loss in hundreds of schools through the National Tutoring Programme.

We will help you use your grant to close your school's attainment gap with high-impact, small-group tutoring.


What is the School-Led Tutoring Grant?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant is a new funding route for the National Tutoring Programme. Every eligible school receives a ring-fenced subsidy to provide small-group, high-impact tutoring for their most disadvantaged pupils. Unlike previous NTP routes, who you hire with this money is up to you.

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How should I spend my school's grant?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant can only be spent on staffing costs. Schools have flexibility in their choice of tutors, but those without Qualified Teacher Status or over two years' experience in their subject will need to take an 11-hour training course. Protocol Education can help you get the best value out of your funding. Our army of experienced, fully-qualified tutors are ready to step in at a moment's notice to bring your underperforming pupils back up to speed.





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The SLTG funding cannot be used to pay subsidised NTP Tuition Partners of Academic Mentors, or diagnostic tools, room hire, equipment, laptops, transport, stationery and record keeping etc. it must be used for tuition.

The grant will cover 75 per cent of the “expected cost” for locally sourced tutoring, based on “average costs of tutoring”.Schools are expected to cover the 25 per cent from the £280 million recovery funding (a separate pot of cash announced earlier this year), or their pupil premium funds.

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