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School-Led Tutoring Grant

Access tuition funding through the National Tutoring Programme 2021/22

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What is the School-Led Tutoring Grant?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant (SLTG) is one of three ways schools can access tuition via the National Tutoring Programme in 2021/22. It sits alongside the Tuition Partner and Academic Mentor routes from year one, and gives schools, academies and MATs greater control and flexibility over how they deliver their tuition programmes.

Most schools will be familiar with the Tuition Partner route from year one. Protocol Education helped thousands of schools across the country deliver 15-hour tuition programmes to over 15,000 pupils last year, and we look forward to providing even more help in year two.

The SLTG is different, but still requires the presence of trained and experienced tuition staff to make it work. Protocol Education can help you plan and deliver a programme that will see you make the most of your funding.

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The Funding

All eligible schools will receive the grant in three tranches across the year. The level of funding is calculated on 60% of Pupil Premium eligible pupils on a school’s roll. NTP Tuition Partner tuition programmes are believed to reach 40% of eligible pupils, therefore the SLTG is calculated on and targeted at the remaining 60%.

All state-funded primary, middle and secondary schools will receive £203 for Pupil Premium eligible pupils from year 1 to 11, capped at 60% of the total on roll.

Special schools, special units in mainstream schools, alternative provision, pupil referral units and hospital schools will receive £529 for 60%of their places for next academic year.

The funding is given on a “use it or loose it basis”. Schools not using it to provide tuition will be expected to return the grant.





The Tutoring

The funding is ring-fenced for tuition. Schools have discretion over which pupils to target, however the recommendation is to focus on these groups:

  • PupilPremiumpupils 

  • SEND pupils and pupils with EHCPs

  • Pupils with a social worker

  • LAC & PLAC

  • Young carers

  • Other vulnerable pupils

The SLTG funding cannot be used to pay subsidised NTP Tuition Partners of Academic Mentors, or diagnostic tools, room hire, equipment, laptops, transport, stationery and record keeping etc. it must be used for tuition.

The grant will cover 75 per cent of the “expected cost” for locally sourced tutoring, based on “average costs of tutoring”.Schools are expected to cover the 25 per cent from the £280 million recovery funding (a separate pot of cash announced earlier this year), or their pupil premium funds.



Making it Work

Protocol Education has worked with school leaders and evaluated the available evidence to produce models that we feel will provide schools with flexibility, achieve best value and deliver the greatest academic impact for your pupils.

To discuss your requirements please submit the form or contact your local branch.


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