Introducing Protocol Education Connect

Recruitment that works during difficult times

What is Connect?

Protocol Education Connect is a way of hiring staff that brings digital and traditional search and selection processes together. It means you can make efficient hiring decisions that will not be impacted by any restrictions resulting from the ongoing pandemic. You get access to the best available candidates and are fully staffed for January.

Our Connect services include:

Long Listing
Based on your requirements we will build a long-list of the best available candidates utilising video profiles, alongside CVs and profiles to quickly give you an overview of the available candidate.

Active Short Listing
To support your selection decisions we will work with you during an online shortlisting meeting to answer questions and fill in the gaps about your field of candidates. We can build you a face to face or online interview schedule in real-time, so you leave the meeting knowing who you will be seeing for your roles, when and where.

Online Interview Sessions
We can arrange a series of video interviews to create a virtual career event for your school. Interviewing on your own or as part of a panel, we will ensure that the candidates that you want to speak to are available on time and well prepared, helping you to make the most of the time you spend on recruitment.

Online or In-School Trials

If you want extra insight, we can arrange in-school or online trial lessons so you can assess the quality of teaching and support as well as allow you to see your preferred candidates interacting with your pupils.

Safeguarding and Induction

All candidates will be cleared to Protocol Education’s exacting Safeguarding standards before starting at work at your school. To ensure a smooth start to their role, we can work with you to provide a comprehensive school induction process

Online Teaching Skills

We are able to support teachers to deliver effective online lessons via Bramble’s online tutoring platform. This will become essential if they, their classes or school are required to quickly switch to on-line teaching with minimal disruption to curriculum delivery and pupil catch up.

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Is Connect Right for Your School?

If you have vacancies for January that you know are not going to be filled by advertising alone, Connect is right for you. Protocol Education will quickly be able to provide you with access to viable candidates and manage the process of reviewing, interviewing and appointing speedily and safely.