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Moving to the UK FAQs

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The easiest way to register to teach in the UK is to submit an enquiry via our website here; from here your local consultant will touch base with you to chat about your plans for teaching in the UK.

You can also send an email to:

Australia: or call 1800 246 436

New Zealand: or call 0800 857 774


We’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

Yes, you can, however you might be waiting a few weeks to get your paperwork sorted! That’s the benefit to registering with a UK teaching agency for Overseas Trained teachers; we get your paperwork all in order so you can literally start teaching the day after you arrive if you like.

We’re based in Australia and New Zealand so we can work on everything in the same time zone.

Stepping in to teach in a brand new country is made a lot easier by the many similarities in the UK curriculum to the Australian / New Zealand and Canadian curriculums– this is a big reason why Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian teachers are so highly valued!

For more information about the UK curriculum you can check out:

England works on a 3 term academic year, with the first day of school starting in the first week of September, and the academic year finishing up in mid July. Each term is 12-13 weeks long, with one of those weeks being a week off in the middle for a half term break. This leaves plenty of time to fit in some great trips in amongst the UK teaching, and it’s only 6 or 7 weeks straight that you teach for at any one time.

The best time to arrive for teaching in the UK depends on what type of work you are after. If you are going over as a supply teacher, then you can turn up any time you like! The start of the academic year is a little quiet as is the last few weeks so make sure you take this into account.

Most ‘free flight’ offers are funded through Umbrella company deductions. Basically, a portion of the money a UK Teaching agency saves by outsourcing your payroll to an Umbrella Company goes towards paying for your ‘free flight’.

Protocol Education does not pay for your flight, but if you secure a long-term UK Teaching position or sign our Guaranteed Work Agreement before arriving in the UK you will be eligible for a £500 bonus after your first term’s work. This offer does not require you to be paid through an Umbrella Company and will basically work out to be the equivalent of the cost of your flight.

Yes, you need a working visa if you intend to do any type of teaching work in the UK.

To read more about applying for a UK visa go to:

The beauty of teaching in England is the choice is yours… if you want the flexibility of travelling during term time and taking days off here and there then supply work is for you! If you want your own classroom you can secure a long-term (even before leaving home).

Between the middle September to the middle of July you will be offered enough day to day work to support you if you are living in London. Protocol has offices throughout England and if you are looking at living in the big cities – Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham there will be enough work.

If you have a recognised teaching qualification in Australia, New Zealand or Canada your qualifications should be sufficient to teach in England. If you aren’t sure, check with your local consultant who will be able to confirm this for you.

Qualified Teacher Status is England’s equivalent of being fully registered in your own country. It is awarded to Newly Qualified Teachers in England followed by an Induction period. If you are fully registered as a teacher in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, you can apply for QTS online before you leave, it’s free and very straight forward.

If you don’t have your full registration yet, not to worry – overseas teachers can teach for up to 4 years in England as a ‘provisionally’ registered teacher.