Teacher doing the job of tutoring small group of primary, secondary or special needs children for catch-up and recovery in schools

September Ready

How Protocol Education can ensure you are prepared for the new school year

Protocol Education is helping schools prepare for the challenges of the new academic year

We are working with schools to place teachers, tutors and teaching assistants into roles for September. We help our partners meet the challenge of closing attainment gaps in the wake of Covid.

​Why Flexible Staffing Matters

Adding a floating PPA teacher to your staff once may have seemed like a luxury. For many schools in 2021 coping with frequent staff absences, it is a necessity. Schools across the country are booking experienced teachers via Protocol Education with the express intention of having them float across classes and key stages.

These teachers deliver one-to-one and small group tuition, provide in-class catch-up support, teacher release, and in-house cover to help keep pupils in school and learning if staff members are required to self-isolate.

Protocol Education can offer you highly experienced teachers to fill these roles. We make sure that your pupils receive real value from your investment."

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Support for Your Pupil Recovery & Catch-Up Activity

Protocol Education is also placing a range of teaching assistants into schools to help their catch-up programmes.

1. TA Led Academic Interventions

Schools that use experienced teaching and learning support staff to run academic interventions have rapidly closed attainment gaps. Protocol Education can provide you with knowledgeable and experienced teaching assistants to deliver one-to-one and small group tuition sessions. This is a flexible way of focusing on pupils who need additional support.

2 . Use of SEMH & Behaviour Mentors

SEMH and Behaviour Support mentors support pupils who you may otherwise struggle to engage and keep in school. Our mentors work within the parameters of your school's behaviour policy to build up trust with pupils. The results can be transformative for the individual and the wider group.

3 . Recent Graduates to Create Flexibility

Bringing in recent graduates has given schools' workforces greater flexibility and resilience. Graduates provide an infusion of energy to your staff and offers you the opportunity to develop your own future teachers.

4. SEND Specialists

Providing the correct, targeted support for pupils with EHCPs in September will be essential. Protocol Education has experience of successfully providing specialist staff who can have an immediate and long lasting impact on the education of your pupils.

  • Behavioural, Occupational, Art, Music and Dance Therapists

  • Hearing Impaired, Visual Impaired, Mobility Impaired specialists

  • Sensory Needs Teachers and PRU Teachers

  • Outreach Workers

  • Specialised SEN Teaching assistants trained in BSL, Makaton and Team Teach.

  • Teaching Assistants with medical experience specialising in supporting pupils with complex needs.

Find The Right Staffing Options for Your School

If you unsure what is the right approach for you or want to discuss staffing options for your school, please get in touch and we will be in touch to help you find the right path for your school and pupils.