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Primary Specialist Support

Help where it is needed the most

Providing Specialist Support

There is a growing demand from Primary Schools for Specialist Support, typically help in the following areas::

  • Special Needs in the Mainstream - the majority of children with SEND will not have an EHCP but may need additional support to ensure they keep up with their peers, successfully access the curriculum and have the best opportunities for success. We provide schools with flexible support staff at times when they are most needed.

  • EAL Support employ strategies to effectively support pupils in class and in intensive one-to-one or small group work in withdrawal sessions.

    By communicating with the pupil in their first language as required, you will provide effective support that enables greater access to the curriculum, raises self-esteem and increases confidence.

  • Numeracy and Literacy Support provide targeted support to raise pupils’ literacy and numeracy standards through intensive one-to-one or small group sessions.

    Working with pupils across the primary age range, you must have a good working knowledge of phonics and the ability to liaise with the class teacher to identify specific problems and plan work to help close gaps in learning. You must be able to support pupils throughout Key Stages 1 & 2, up to and including Year 6 Sats.

  • Behaviour ManagementSupport working alongside key school staff and with existing behaviour plans to improve the levels of pupil behaviour exhibited in class.

    Working one-to-one to build up a supportive working relationship with pupils and act as a mentor and role model, ultimately improving overall attainment, self-confidence, attendance and engagement.

  • Extra Tuition providing high impact one-to-one or small group sessions for pupils with a range of needs.

    The school will give you the background of your pupil and outline the area of concern. It will be up to you to use your knowledge and experience to plan and deliver work and support which will close gaps in learning in order to raise attainment, confidence and engagement.

Skills Required

While there are specific skills required for each of these, there are also some general skills and personality traits we look for:

  • Patience

  • The ability to form good relationships with pupils and staff

  • A calm, methodical and organised approach

  • The ability to recognise learning gaps and differentiate work to suit the pupil

  • A knowledge of the national curriculum

  • A willingness to learn new skills and try new approaches

With these skills and access to relevant training, Protocol Education will be able to help you find work within Specialist Support.

Get Working

If you feel primary specialist support work is something you would be interested in doing, register or get in touch.