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World Teacher's Day: Why Teaching is Still a Great Career!

About over 1 year ago By Scott Owen


​October 5th 2022, is World Teacher's Day, an opportunity to celebrate the work of over 85 million teachers worldwide. Eighty-five million is a lot of people. If you read the press in the UK, you would be forgiven for thinking that teaching was an unpopular career choice. Far from it, teaching has always been and will always be a fantastic career choice and here's why:

1. It is A Job That Matters

Teaching matters, and that is not true of all other jobs. It might not matter all the time, and the purpose might not be crystal clear every day, but each week, term, and year, teachers make a difference in young people's lives even if they don't realise they are doing it. And that matters.

2. Teaching Lets You Be Creative

Teaching is a job that rewards creativity. Again this is not true of all jobs. Some employers actively encourage zero creativity among their staff. So to do a job that puts a premium on creatively communicating ideas should be something of which teachers should be proud.

3. Teaching Requires You To Be A Learner

Teachers must be learners too. As a teacher, you need to keep on top of your subject, but alongside your subject knowledge, you must understand how humans transmit and retain knowledge effectively. And that is pretty amazing. Not all jobs require active lifelong learning while encompassing epistemology. Teaching does.

4. Multiple Clear Career Paths

Want to get on in the world? Good for you! Teaching offers not one but many clearly defined career paths to allow you to follow your passions as you hone your skills. Pastoral, academic, administrative, educationalist and special needs career paths all lie ahead of you.

5. The Holidays

13 weeks a year. Come on!

Protocol Education loves to celebrate teachers (and TAs. tutors, and everyone else who works to make our schools function) we hope you have a great World Teacher's Day, and while you are here, you could look for your next great teaching job or perhaps sign on for one of our Autumn Term Educator Events.