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Team Teach Training, 6th August, London

About almost 2 years ago By Scott Owen


​Team Teach training is back! On 6th August from 9 am to 5 pm, Protocol Education's Ruth Bell will be providing Protocol Education educators with another opportunity to acquire certified Team Teach Training when the Level 2 Positive Behaviour Management course.

What is Team Teach?

Team Teach courses are tailored to the needs of medium-risk individuals with challenging behaviours and service settings such as special schools and Pupil Referral Units. However, the skills gained by Team Teach trained teachers and TLAs are applicable and valuable in any setting.

Those who have received the training notice increased confidence in the classroom as they have the skills to quickly and efficiently recognise behaviour triggers and de-escalate potential challenging behaviours before they become disruptive. The courses cover:

  • ​Personal safety

  • Team building

  • Non-verbal and verbal de-escalation communication strategies

  • Positive handling techniques

  • Documentation and legal guidance, listening and learning, recording, reporting and reviewing

Register Your Interest

If you think Team Teach training is something you would be interested in, please complete the form below. We will be in contact to confirm your place on the course.