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Coming Soon, myProtocol. Your New Candidate Portal

About over 2 years ago By Scott Owen

My Protocol Homepage

In November, we will be launching our new candidate portal, myProtocol.

myProtocol will become your go-to destination to run all aspects of your working life with Protocol Education. We designed myProtocol with mobile in mind. You will have access to all its features at home or on the move. As well as being clean, modern and user-friendly, it solves a number of issues that you have raised with us in the past Let’s look and see what it can do.

View Booking Details

The myProtocol availability diary layout is clean and crisp. It packs in a lot of information while remaining optimised for use with a mobile phone. You can quickly bring up all the relevant information about a booking with a single tap or click. We have added links to Google Maps and CityMapper that will open the relevant apps on your phone if you have them installed. Your journey to school has never been easier to plan.

Updating and Editing Availability

One frequent question we are asked about the current availability diary is, “why can I only update my availability for six weeks at a time?”. With the launch of myProtocol, you will be able to update your availability for up to four months in advance. 

Other improvements include the ability to set availability patterns and easily overwrite an existing pattern with changed availability. You will be able to set availability for half days, and should you so wish, for Saturdays and Sundays. We have endeavoured to make the availability options as easy to use and as fully featured as possible. We think you are going to like the results.

Timesheets and Payslips

The timesheet submission process is unchanged. It just looks a whole lot smarter. View your list of ready to submit timesheets. Click to view the details, and if everything looks good, tick and hit the submit button. If something is not right, hit the query button and send us the details of the issues. It is that simple. You can view the progress of your timesheets in the Awaiting Approval (with the school) and Approved (with payroll) sections.

A new option for myProtocol is the ability to view Payslips. Your payment history with Protocol Education is neatly laid out and accessible if you need proof of earnings for any reason.

Payroll Support 

In our Payroll Support section, we have answered all of our most commonly asked pay-related questions. If you have a question, chances are the answer is waiting for you there. If not, you can get in touch with the payroll team in the usual way. 

View and Book CPD Courses

myProtocol is the new home for all of our CPD courses. We believe that access to good quality training is essential for educators, and we plan to develop our provision over the coming months. The full range of CPD accredited training from the New Skills Academy can now be browsed and booked from myProtocol. We will keep you updated with special offers and announcements of new training opportunities as they happen.

Update Your Account 

We take the issue of cybersecurity seriously. myProtocol ensures your details are kept secure. The utilisation of encryption and two-factor authentication means you can update personal information such as bank account changes safely and securely. 

As soon as myProtocol is live, we will notify you. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it.