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​4 Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Daily Supply Teacher

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Daily Supply Teacher

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the crucial work of daily supply teachers into sharp relief. Through all the last year’s disruptions and interruptions to education, many schools have leaned on the support of supply teachers to keep pupils learning. Daily supply teachers have made sure schools could keep running smoothly in absence of permanent teachers.

Daily supply teachers step into a new learning environment each day, with new challenges requiring different modes of teaching. This means that the best supply teachers have a toolbox full of skills.

To make a career as a daily supply teacher, you have to be:

1.       Adaptable

 Daily supply teaching is a great option for those looking for a less rigid working schedule. The job takes you to different locations on irregular days to deal with children from a wide selection of age groups and levels of ability.

This freedom to pick your own balance for your working and personal life is a big perk of the job for many, allowing them to manage their wellbeing. But it means that teachers need to be flexible themselves in how they approach the job.

Each school is different, and some are more different than others! Supply teachers may find themselves in very divergent settings each day of the week, faced with variations in ethos, student behaviour and internal processes.

You need to show that you can take those differences in your stride and create a great learning environment out of any setting. The most adaptable teachers will develop the best reputations among schools in your area, maximising your chances of a stable supply of future work.

2.       Well-organised

 Organising your working life is crucial, and schools will want to hire supply teachers who clearly have everything under control. Great organisation skills allow you to turn up at short notice and set up a class with all your lesson plans and teaching materials ready to hand.

Given the schedule of your day can change like the weather, your bag ought to be full of backup plans. The best supply teachers can deliver successful, enriching lessons with only an hour’s warning because they have kept themselves well-organised.

3.       Relatable

 If you’re a teacher, a friendly and approachable manner is just part of the job. But for daily supply teachers sent out to work with a different set of students each day, making quick connections is an indispensable skill.

Teaching new faces is nerve wracking, both for the teacher and the pupils. But if you’re able to put them at ease quickly and make them feel comfortable engaging in a dialogue, you’ve already won half the battle. Your level of connection can make or break a lesson.

4.       Passionate

It should go without saying, but nobody can really flourish as a supply teacher if they’re not driven by a true passion for teaching. Your zeal for educating will keep you going through the more challenging lessons and make the best lessons sing.

Pupils will sense your dedication and appreciate it. Remember, there’s nothing more infectious than enthusiasm, and your passion can inspire them to get involved and engaged in the lesson.

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