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Meet the Team Finding Jobs for Lincoln Teachers at Protocol Education’s Newest Branch

About almost 3 years ago By Alex Schulte

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As one of the UK’s leading educational recruitment agencies, Protocol Education operates dozens of branches in towns and cities across the country. We’re proud to announce that we’ve finally opened up a brand new branch in the beautiful, historic city of Lincoln to help local teachers find jobs.

To celebrate this big moment for teachers in Lincoln, we met up with the people behind the branch to ask them questions about how they will be sorting local teachers out with the best jobs at the city’s excellent schools. Meet our Lincoln teaching job heroes, Mike Burley and Shannon Chandley.

Q: What’s your previous experience in sorting out teaching jobs in Lincoln?

Mike: I have over 8 years’ experience putting teachers and teaching assistants around Lincoln into jobs, and around 2 years of leadership experience. I like to think I bring a wealth of knowledge to the team, and I offer support across the Lincoln branch with all daily tasks.

I am married with two children and a pooch named Groot. I’m never happier than when listening to a bit of Kenny Rogers with a good Friday night takeaway!

Shannon: I have more than 5 years of direct classroom experience as a Primary teacher. I bring that direct insight and an organised and meticulous approach to the task of finding great local jobs for Lincoln teachers and teaching assistants.

I recently raised over £500 for the Little Princess Trust charity by cutting 10 inches off my hair. Just like Mike, I love tucking into a takeaway on a Friday night. Must be a Lincoln thing!

Q: What kind of candidates are you seeking to recruit?

Mike: Honestly, we’re on the hunt for all kind of educators. If you’re a teacher, teaching assistant or an educational support worker in Lincolnshire we want to hear from you. Whether you’re a Primary, Secondary or SEND specialist, we will be able to find you a fulfilling job in a local school.

Q: What kinds of schools do you work with in the Lincoln area?

Shannon: We’re partners with a really wide range of schools in Lincoln and across the rest of Lincolnshire. On a daily basis I will place teachers in jobs at Primary, Secondary and Special schools. It’s a very exciting and wide-ranging role here at Protocol!

Q: Why is Lincoln such a great place to live and work as a teacher?

Shannon: Lincoln is just a really beautiful city. I love looking up at the cathedral and thinking about how mind-bogglingly old it is. The Christmas market there is pretty magical every year too.

Mike: The thing I’ve always loved most about Lincoln is how friendly people are. There is a lovely sense of community and warmth around here. Plus from the perspective of an educational recruiter, the large number of great local schools doesn’t hurt!


If you’re a primary, teacher, teaching assistant or other variety of educational staff in the Lincoln area, Mike and Shannon and the rest of the local Protocol Education team will be on hand to help you find your next dream job at a top Lincolnshire Primary, Secondary or Special Needs school. All you have to do first isregister with us and we will be in touch.

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