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Meet with UK headteachers - Teagan's Story

Teagan is from Melbourne, Australia. A recent graduate of Deakin University, Teegan is enthusiastic about teaching and has a particular interest in helping students with special needs. Outside of school, her passions include travelling, cooking and netball


What were your first impressions of Protocol Education?

"As with all agencies you can never be sure until you actually speak to them and find out what they have to offer. Talking to Sam and visiting their web page, I felt confident about working with them."

How have you found it working for Protocol Education? How have they helped you to settle in?

"Working with Protocol has been a fantastic experience. The staff are particularly helpful and always available to answer any query.  The preparations and resources available are relevant and practical for a teaching career in the UK. Although I experienced troubles with my passport, they were very kind and understanding. They made every effort to help me ‘settle in,’ they arranged bank appointments and NHI appointments as well gatherings to get to know fellow teachers."

How useful was it to have senior leaders from the trust interviewing you in Australia?

"Although meeting Ashley within Australia was a daunting prospect, it was ultimately why I decided to move to the UK. Ashley gave a perspective of the school and its philosophy as well as my role and my future transition to Greenways that I don’t believe anybody else could have. He was also able to pitch Southend as a very liveable and enjoyable place."

Did you know anything about Southend beforehand?

"I was not aware of Southend, prior to learning who I was interviewing with. At that point I did some basic research."

What are your first impressions of living and working in Southend?

"I am very happy with my decision to move to Southend, I find the area very peaceful and friendly. I found London and surrounding suburbs, too busy, crowded and overwhelming. Although I do like the fact that, I can be there easily within 45 minutes. Everything is easily accessed by public transport and there are so many wonderful things to see and do. It’s also an ideal location to travel to and from Europe, with Southend Airport at our fingertips."

“We were blown away by the quality of the candidates interviewed... it was clear what an asset many would be in our schools.”

Ashley Eastwood - Principal at the Federation of Greenways Schools


How supportive have you found Greenways in your first half term?

"Greenways have been absolutely phenomenal. I cannot speak highly enough of their efforts in our transition. Initially it was fantastic to have an induction day, in which we could ask our questions and tour the school. It was also a lovely gesture, and rather helpful, to have been shown around Southend by Ashley and Dan.

Having a senior teacher within the class to begin with was also a great comfort, and a fantastic way to learn. As a point of call now, Ciara has been very helpful in answering any questions I may have. Additional staff, such as the year three team and my class LSA’s have also been incredibly welcoming and supportive."

What would you say has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey so far?

"I have loved every aspect of my travels to date and I have met some exceptional people. However the most rewarding part has been meeting my class and transitioning into the role of their teacher."

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about working as a teacher in Southend?

"I honestly believe that Southend has a lot to offer, and anybody thinking about moving here, just needs to visit. It’s daunting to think of being away from London, because that’s what is ‘familiar’ I suppose, however Southend is a far more liveable town, and yet is only 40 minutes from London."

What advice would you give to an Aussie teacher about preparing for the English curriculum?

"The English curriculum is much the same as the Australian Curriculum. Read through your year level’s outcomes and familiarise yourself with them. Obviously it varies from school to school, however I would become familiar with the schools guided reading routine, if possible."

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

"The majority of my challenges have been rather small, for example, where to locate things, how to access things, how to enter assessment data correctly, and so forth. With each ‘challenge’ I face, I generally make an attempt myself and later ask for support from the appropriate person.

I have also dealt with a few challenging behaviours, in which case I make a really big deal of communicating. Communicating with the child, what did you do wrong? Why was it wrong? How should you have handled the situation? Why did you react in such a way.

As well as communicating to parents and senior staff members. I also write notes on each situation."


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“Protocol Education has been by far the stand out teaching agency in London for me. I now know why everyone tells you to seek them out if you’re thinking of teaching in the UK.”

Sam – PE teacher, Brisbane
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