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Meet with UK headteachers - Tara's Story


Tara is a primary school teacher who studied in Melbourne and then decided she wanted to try out a different education system, which, combined with a love of travel led her to England. She is passionate about the younger years and loves their inquisitive minds. Outside of work, she spends her time outdoors and doing adventurous things such as rock climbing and abseiling. She has been getting into ‘football’ and has taken up swing dancing


What were your first impressions of Protocol Education?

"Protocol were very polite and friendly and absolutely professional at all times. They cleared showed me that they were worried about my happiness and helped ensure I knew everything involved."

How have you found it working for Protocol Education? How have they helped you to settle in?

"Protocol have been amazing and willing to answer any questions I had. They sent me a SIM card before I left Australia, offered to help me find housing and made setting up a bank account very easy. They had an induction day for us in London when we first arrived and hold monthly social events."

How useful was it to have senior leaders from the trust interviewing you in Australia?

"Most helpful, as when I went for the interview Greenways wasn’t even on my list of schools that I wanted to work at but the more Ashley told me about it, the more I wanted to work there!"

Did you know anything about Southend beforehand?

"I had googled a bit about it, but to be honest I thought it would be much smaller."

What are your first impressions of living and working in Southend?

"Everyone is so friendly and it immediately felt like home. People go above and beyond your expectations."

“We were blown away by the quality of the candidates interviewed... it was clear what an asset many would be in our schools.”

Ashley Eastwood - Principal at the Federation of Greenways Schools


How supportive have you found Greenways in your first half term?

"For such a large school, I am still amazed at how lovely the staff are and everybody gets along with each other. People greet me in the corridor all the time and say, “Are you alright?” We had an induction before the children came back to school and then Dan pulled us out of our classes for half a day to ensure we had more training and to check up on how we were all going. Dan and Ashley also took us on a lovely tour around the local areas and showed us the main attractions (those included places to eat and lovely walks)."

What would you say has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey so far?

"My students and my colleagues have definitely made my job so rewarding! The students here are passionate about learning and soak up everything you say. As for the staff, I just count my blessings!"

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about working as a teacher in Southend?

"Just come and see it for yourself!  Don’t worry about doing the research, people will inform you of the best places to go to (no matter what your interests)."

What advice would you give to an Aussie teacher about preparing for the English curriculum?

"Look it up online before you move over, but I think prepare yourself for more art embedded into your classrooms as well as physical activity and outdoor learning."

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

"Being a Newly Qualified Teacher, the challenges I have faced (and am still facing) are just those that a NQT will always face. Classroom management techniques, reports, marking, weekly planning, meetings – and somehow finding time for some me-time! As my experience grows, as with any NQT, I’m sure I will look back and laugh at how I thought I had no time to myself."


Sian: 'It's changed my life'

With future plans to teach in international schools, Sian made the move to Southend to get first-hand experience of the English curriculum.

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Caitlin: 'Send that email'

Living in Sydney made it tricky to get the practical teaching experience she needed, so Caitlin headed to the UK to advance her career.

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Chris: 'Take the plunge'

After attending a Protocol Education uni seminar Chris knew that he wanted to teach in the UK, so he swapped Hervey Bay for Southend.

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“Working with Protocol Education has been a fantastic experience. The staff are particularly helpful and always available to answer any query.”

Teagan – moved from Melbourne to Southend


Learn more about Protocol Education:


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Interview with UK headteachers before you get on the plane, and find out firsthand what they and their school can offer you.

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“Protocol Education has been by far the stand out teaching agency in London for me. I now know why everyone tells you to seek them out if you’re thinking of teaching in the UK.”

Sam – PE teacher, Brisbane
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