Supporting Your Return

Safely providing staff for your school

Staffing Your Every Need

Protocol Education is ready to help make your school's full reopening a success. We can safely provide the full range of local, flexible teachers, teaching & learning assistants, tutors, intervention and special needs staff to support your pupils' return to school from September.

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Flexible & Safe Staffing

Protocol Education is able to:

Providing safe cover for your absent staff required to shield, self-isolate or otherwise unable to return to work

Provide one-to-one and small-group catch-up tuition sessions for the groups or individuals who will benefit the most

Provide access to mentors with experience supporting pupils with anxiety and/or challenging behaviour

Provide staff for remote learning via our Online Teaching Service ensuring those pupils not able to attend school get regular access to live teaching support

Work in partnership with your school to model our response to your changing needs through the autumn term and beyond

Safe Staffing

We have put a series of procedures and processes in place to allow you to use temporary staff with confidence:

The pre-screening of candidates before being placed into a booking:

  • Weekly symptom tracker in order to confirm availability

  • Pre-screening questions at the point of booking

  • Checks fully auditable and communicated to school

Providing you with staffing continuity to reduce risk:

  • Prioritisation of local and familiar candidates for your school

  • Options to flexibly pre-book local supply pods of candidates

Regular communication used to promote safety:

  • Weekly updates of guidance & best practice for candidates

  • Weekly updates of available self-certified, local candidates for schools

  • School H&S/COVID-19 plan shared with candidates in advance of bookings

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