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YouTube Resources for Primary Teachers


"YouTube can be a fantastic educational tool! YouTube videos can help support a topic, by providing interesting background music, or be a springboard for a one-off lesson when you unexpectedly need to fill in a gap. Other videos might be useful for a novelty warm-up, or ‘brain break’. This list should save you countless hours and give you the opportunity to provide something fun and different but still educational." - Jo Teage



Great for independent tasks for those working at a different level. Just give them headphones, a laptop/tablet and something to write with. Or use with a whole class as a warm up.
1) basic letter formation
2) cursive alphabet
3) American (‘zee’) but very funky backing track


Kermit the Frog ‘Newsflash’ videos. - Great for retelling well-known stories, drama activities (make your own newsflash about another story) and all sorts of writing: diaries, interviews, narrative, dialogue, playscripts


A mixed playlist of primary maths explanations and activities, sticking to U.K. English ones wherever possible. Notes provided.


1) Solar system song with animation
2) Moon replaced with other planets
3) Bitesize: materials
4) general KS2 – old SATs revision. - Index at start of video with timestamps.
5) Water cycle song
6) Moon song


1) scroll down the page to read an explanation of what this is. - Have fun playing!
2) Fun game to teach children (and you!) the musical notes.
3) Rap backing tracks. - Could be used in any lesson as revision – set them the challenge of writing a rap about what a verb is, or the six times table!
4) Song on a Glenn Miller theme, easy to learn and children love it.
5) Musicians with a Difference – inspiring performers who have overcome difficulties. Notes included.


1) Varied examples of the amazing human voice.
2) Latino selection.
3) Bluegrass – amazing plucking skills!
4) Irish music, newer and older.
5) Selection of different types of flute music.
6) Great examples of emotionally stirring music in film and TV. Children will have their own ideas to add! A fun lesson is to play a favourite scene from a film with the ‘wrong’ music and discuss how music enhances the action.
7) Tuned percussion.
8) Harmonica.
9) A selection of music from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
10) A Selection of Electronica.
11) Ska (Children love this, especially if you also teach them how to ‘skank’).
12) Soul.


1) Jewish selection.
2) Including Karaoke versions of ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’.
3) A mixture of music from different religious traditions.


1) Christmas Karaoke selection.
2) Christmas films and cartoons.


Some American voices here.

P.E. :

Various exercises and lengths of video, suitable for different age groups.

As always, you need to take responsibility for using YouTube in the classroom. Be ready for inappropriate adverts, and although I considered these appropriate for the children I worked with, you should always watch and listen yourself to make sure they are OK for yours. Don’t forget to check school policy and consider turning off the comments on YouTube – you can do this with an extension in Chrome, and try this for other browsers. There is also Quietube, which allows you to get rid of pretty much everything except the video. It took me only a few seconds to install. It is also useful to set up the video beforehand, and pause it at the place you want to start. 

For your security, remember to sign out from all accounts when visiting a school, and lock computer screens if you can, when not in use. Happy YouTubing!

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