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Supply Teaching in Chelmsford


Wondering what supply teaching is like in Essex? Here's what some of our lovely teachers had to say about their experience working with manager Jaime and her team...

"Since embarking on supply work, Protocol Education has been the most reliable agency in finding assignments for me to date.  In fact there has hardly been a day when I haven’t worked since registering with them. This is due, I feel, to the extent in which staff go out of their way to maintain regular contact to establish good working relationships with both their employees and client schools. 

Through regular and friendly dialogue my allocated consultant, Jaime, has kept in touch and really got to know me.   Since working with her I have become aware of the importance she places on seeking feedback from both parties after an assignment.  I believe this is important in not only building  relationships but provides all concerned with an opportunity to ensure that everything was a success . 

This is also great for the supply as we all like feedback especially when it is very positive and your services are valued.  She has gone out of her way to find suitable placements for me, even encouraging me to accept assignments working with year groups I have had very little experience of. Through her excellent communication skills and a good knowledge of the schools within her area she has succeeded in raising their awareness of my experience and skills in the classroom.  

She has promoted my services and encouraged others in seeing what a great asset I would be to the team albeit on a temporary basis.  This in turn has led to some most enjoyable work.  Thanks to her I have now established a good reputation with many schools and am now asked for personally when some assignments arise.  Jaime, as are all the staff at Protocol Education, is so easy to talk to and this is a great help as supply work can be a challenge and what better service can one have than the opportunity to talk to someone who understands when the odd day doesn’t go so well.  The fact that staff understand and are prepared to listen if you feel you do not fit in with a school is also a quality I like as there is no fear in being put to the back of the queue should you become selective on where you are sent. 

In addition to this, I like the opportunities this agency give me to pick and choose between daily, weekly and long term assignments.  Furthermore, they are the only agency which aim to give me ample warning when a last minute assignment comes up.  This put together with the very organised approach on how placements are organised and communicated, the great user friendly website and good rate of pay has led me to believe that I won’t need to use any other agency"

Wendy, Primary Teacher, Harlow

"From the first nervous, career changing, phone call to my consultant, Jaime, at Chelmsford, to the present, 16 months later, the Protocol Education experience has been rich and rewarding and certainly the best career decision I have made in a long time.

My interview with Antonia was a welcome change and a very memorable hour - she made me feel valued! The year that followed, from September 2012 to the present, has been terrific. The team at Chelmsford has offered me work in all age ranges of primary education - the teddy bears picnic in Reception on Monday, to a discussion of the Arab - Israeli crisis with Yr 6 by Friday with all points in between thoroughly covered. The variety is wonderful.

Jaime and the Chelmsford team have supported me in any concerns I have had and worked with me to extend my passion for the dedicated work of developing the heads, hearts, minds and confidence of young people. Now, south west Essex is my classroom and it is a great feeling!

The schools I work in welcome me and extend a quality of trust I thoroughly respect and enjoy. With longer-term appointments in certain schools, opportunities for real engagement with the children I teach has been a very rewarding aspect of working for Protocol Education. Daily, the planning is ready for me, resources are out and the children pour in like dogs with two tails, eager to learn.

Back at base, the office is well organized with Jamie making regular contact, supporting me and offering work in a range of local schools. The wider administration of Protocol includes a very efficient on-line work record supported by prompt weekly payment. Staff at the office have an education background and are fully versed in the landscape of state and private education.

I am looking forward to the coming year with real enthusiasm for teaching opportunities which Protocol Education has provided me. I really should have done this ten years ago."

John, Primary Teacher, Harlow

"This will be my third year working with Protocol education and I am more than satisfied with the company, its organisation and professionalism. I have never experienced any problems with the processing of timesheets or receipt of pay and payslips. The company alert me by text and email, ensuring I am fully aware of the proceedings. All the team in Chelmsford are cheerful, efficient and helpful. If they say they will get back to you by phone or text they do.

Natalie Domain, consultant, is my main contact. She is supportive and respectful of my work requirements, trying her best to find me suitable work. Natalie is chatty, friendly and makes me feel valued but is still very professional in the way she conducts herself. We communicate by phone and email, and work schedule can be managed on-line too. She is knowledgeable about the schools she deals with and has empathy with the job. It surprised me when I asked, that she has not been a teacher herself. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a reliable and professional agency to consider working with Protocol Education.

Terry , Primary teacher,Tendring and Colchester


"From the beginning, Protocol Education were supportive and friendly - they organised a sim card for me before leaving home to ensure I could contact people as soon as I touched down in the UK. Upon arrival, Protocol helped facilitate everything - from the National Insurance number (like a TFN in Australia) to a well-resourced information pack ranging from how to register with a doctor to where to go to buy certain items and everything in between. Natalie, one of the Essex Consultants, was particularly helpful and gave me work - and train/bus directions - from day one. Her personal service, which was always warm, friendly and delivered with a smile, certainly helped me feel "at home" in my new city and more willing to agree to far-away schools that she was connected with. Natalie definitely treats each candidate as an individual, rather than another number on the calling list, and that makes for a happy teacher!"

Britt , Australian trained Primary & Secondary teacher, Essex


"As most new teachers in Ontario know, the job market is bleak which is why moving to the UK to work with Protocol Education was one of the best decisions I have made! The staff at Protocol Education have been nothing short of fantastic since the beginning. Even while still in Canada I was getting phone calls and emails assisting in the relocation process and assuring me I had made the right choice.

Within a week of settling in Chelmsford Protocol had me out on a ‘test run’ supply day, which really helped ease my trepidation about starting teaching in a different country. The staff at Protocol in Chelmsford have been especially accommodating and personable. I wouldn’t have gotten the beautiful flat I wanted without Natalie taking time out of her day to come and be a witness to the signing since I didn’t know another soul in the city!

Throughout my first year of day-to-day or weekly supply Protocol Education showed they had my best interests in mind; it was apparent that they knew which schools I preferred and always strived to get me into the best possible position.

Feeling confident with supply after a year and a half, I was nervous to tackle my own classroom and it was through the gentle coaxing and confidence building of Protocol Education that I accepted a 6-month contract in a fantastic school, which made me fall in love with teaching all over again.

I had been registered with other agencies while in the UK but they all fail miserably in comparison to the personalized, professional and dedicated effort of Protocol Education in keeping me happy and getting me work!"

Corrie, Canadian trained Primary Teacher, Essex

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Hi I live in Chelmsford snd and a qualified primary ks1 teacher I am looking for immediate work but am worried that I am not so up to date with smart boards etc!!!!!! I taught for 12 years and have been a teaching assistant for 4 years as my children were young
Seema Prosser , 27 May 2018
Hi Seema, Many teachers are facing the same struggles as you are. There is nothing to be afraid of. Most schools will give you a quick training on how to use the classroom equipment. However, if you would like to familiarise yourself with the technology before you come into the school, there are plenty of online resources which can help you with that. Here is a Youtube channel with very helpful video tutorials and an article with ideas and additional resources: If you have any more questions or doubts feel free to email me on
Zuzana - Protocol Education, 29 May 2018
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