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Starting a Job Mid-Year - Part Two


First Week - Manage Your Expectations

Perhaps the biggest key to success is going in with the right mindset and keeping your expectations realistic.

When starting a new job in January, the school you are working for are going to be really grateful that they have someone in place that they like to provide stability and on-going continuity. So the school wants is someone to come in and focus on the fundamentals, not to change the world.

So your focus for your first week should be to provide effective classroom management and to cover the basic curriculum. So cut yourself some slack! While you are getting yourself settled in what you should be aiming for is “good enough”.

There will be plenty of time later to focus on differentiation, putting your own stamp on the curriculum or creating great classroom displays etc. right now the focus is on getting the basics done and letting your pupils know that you will be providing the stable dependable presence that they need to succeed.

Available Support

There are a number of sources of support ready and waiting for you.

  • Asking for help at school

During your first week, it is likely that some will say “Let me know if you need anything”. Unless you are superhuman the chances are that you will need something, be it information, help or advice – do not feel bad about asking! Your colleagues want you to succeed as much as we do.


Consultant Simon talks about the importance of accepting help when you start a new role. View more 'Top Tips' here.

Keep a list of the questions you need answers to and ask them. And remember there are lots of different sources of information at any school. Admin and non-teaching staff can provide you with lots of answers to questions so make sure you make their acquaintance.

  • Support from Protocol Education

Our job doesn’t end when your job starts! We want to hear from you and now how you are getting on. Also, we want you to feel happy and able to do a great job. If you are not getting the answers you need from colleagues or you line manager let us know and we can take it up for you.

  • Hints, Tips and Training from Protocol Education

We have been doing this for years and have learnt a few things along the way. So if you have an issue or feel there is an area that you need to brush up on let us know and we will help find you some training are put you in touch with someone who can help.

Not only that we have lots and lots of resources that really work. For example, these top tip videos can help you get any class, no matter how unfamiliar, working effectively in minutes – check them out.

Part One | Part Three

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