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Make Every Week Anti Bullying Week


It’s Anti Bullying Week! But what does that mean for the classroom teacher who sees their students for maybe less than an hour a week? Or for the supply teacher, teaching new students for the first and perhaps only time?

With the pressures of modern day classroom teaching and the ever increasing amount of curriculum content to deliver, we might not feel we have the time to support the initiative of Anti Bullying Week, or we might feel that it is not ‘our department’ to deliver these aspects of Citizenship in our normal subject lessons.

But take the time to invest in these awareness events and you will see that students respond well to the humanity aspects of these issues, moreover, the soft skills they develop will stay with them long after the event.

When planning your sessions not only this week, see how you can incorporate the message of Anti Bullying. We don’t have to ignore our content, but with imaginative and considered planning, bring our curriculum to life by placing it in a real world context.

Maths? Bullying surveys, statistics and graphs.
Science? The biology of loneliness
Art and Design? Create that poster or that logo, construct that sculpture to symbolise the AntiBully drive
Food Tech? Comfort food
French? Anti Bullying Tweets
English? Poems for wellbeing; or take a look at the book ‘Wonder’ for a heart-warming story of standing up to bullies.

There are lots of resources in the links below:
Choose to respect

And why stop there? Linking your curriculum to everyday life gives students a reason to learn and a context to apply their new knowledge. Next week you can do a follow up or look into the work of a local charity. Here are tonnes of initiatives to lean on in your learning, to pillage for your planning:

Anti Bullying Week 2018
Awareness Days
UN Observances

Look at some of these in your lessons and you will see engaged and inspired students, improved behaviour and relationships and deeper learning.

If you are lucky enough to work in a school that devotes discrete, specific and specialised curriculum time to Citizenship (i.e. a timetabled lesson called Citizenship or similar) then see the work you do in your own subject as something extra. Just as a Science teacher focusing on keywords can support whole school literacy, or the Food tech teacher who supports PE by teaching healthy lifestyles. If you find that Citizenship, Careers, SMSC and similar subjects are squeezed in other areas; then see it as your duty to give time and energy to the human curriculum in your lessons.

Every week should be an Anti Bullying Week!

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