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From Canada to England


This is a picture of me in Salzburg, Austria. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to - Kellie

• What made you decide to teach in England?
I really wanted to travel and work at the same time. England was that perfect opportunity. Not only is the work constant and good pay rate, it is also so close to Europe which makes travelling so much easier and cheaper! I love Canada and it will always be home, but I was ready for a change.

• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?
Honestly, I started talking to Melissa from Protocol very early in the year and she made everything so easy and she was a huge help! She is probably the reason I made my final decision with Protocol. Protocol has good pay and they are constantly able to find me work. It was the agency that I felt most comfortable going with and knew I would be in good hands with.

• How did you find the process of registering in Canada?
I found the process a lot easier than I expected! Other than the fact that it can be really expensive (paying for your visa and such) it’s really easy to do. The hardest part of the Visa form for me was trying to remember everywhere I have been in the last 10 years! It might seem overwhelming at first but I had a great consultant (Melissa) who walked me through the entire process. Protocol has different information sessions you can attend as well that are very helpful to answer any questions.

• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Canada?
I find that the rules surrounding marking, planning and behaviour within the classroom here much more strict. Schools are constantly being checked for marking statistics and everything is usually done in a specific way. I have been teaching here for a little while now and that’s the biggest thing I have noticed so far. I work as supply, so I don’t feel that pressure as much as I am only in the classroom for one day (sometimes more) but it isn’t my permanent classroom.

• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?
1. The fact that it is so close to Europe! The flights are quick and cheap. It makes travelling on weekends really easy and affordable.
2. The accent! Of course the British accent is wonderful and being surrounded by 30 kids everyday with that accent is just adorable!
3. The transportation links. You can get anywhere in London by tube or bus. There are bus and tube stations at every corner (kind of like Tim Hortons in Canada!).

• Any travel tips or advice for teachers planning on making the move?
Save a nice chunk of money before coming over! This will help in the first 2 weeks when you don’t get paid right away and are still looking for accommodations. I used my Canadian credit card for some things, which wasn’t too bad of a charge, so that’s always an option as well. I would also say to start planning early to help stay organized for when you do make the move.

• Would you recommend Protocol Education to your friends and family?
I would definitely recommend Protocol to my friends and family. Protocol is a great company and they really do try and find the best options for you. Here in London most of the consultants I speak with on a daily basis are very nice! Protocol also offers a fair pay rate. They also have many social gatherings which is a great way to meet new people and speak with our daily consultants in person as well.

My consultant when I was still living in Canada was Melissa Velocci. She was amazing and I am so thankful for her and how helpful she was during the entire process. I would email her sometimes at the most inconvenient hours (late nights, weekends, and early mornings) and she would reply within 5 minutes, regardless of the time! I was very nervous about the move and she reassured me every time. I had so many little silly questions about everything and she was patient and answered all of them for me with so much information. She went out of her way to show me all different types of accommodation and we had many conversations about all the different areas of London. I am so thankful for her help and she definitely made the move so much easier and stress free!

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