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6 Travel Apps You Must Have


"This week marks the first half-term break of the 2017/18 school year in London, so I thought it only fitting to focus my blog post on travel. Many Protocol teachers have moved to London from other parts of the world and use our amazing city as a base to travel the U.K. and Europe. Personally, I moved over from Australia in June and have spent most of the last five months solo travelling through Europe. On my travels I have met some incredible people and made many new friends who have all given me priceless advice and travel tips. Some of the best advices were related to online travel applications, so I thought it’s only fair to share those with you."

- Maddie

Here's a list of my favourites you should download:

1. Citymapper

Citymapper is an essential when living in London. Many local Londoners use this app, so you can be assured that it's worth using the extra mobile data. The app provides real time information of transportation services and allows you to plan your travel routes through major cities in the U.K. and parts of Europe including Madrid, Paris, Rome and Copenhagen.

2. Hostelworld

This app is a must for solo travellers and those on budget. It lists hostel accommodation from over 85,000 destinations worldwide and allows you to read through thousands of user reviews from fellow travellers. I use this app for its  reliability and up to date information about great, affordable accommodation. I highly recommend staying in hostels, not only because it's cheaper, but mostly because it offers a unique opportunity to meet like minded travellers and get involved in social events in the local area!

3. Skyscanner

Most travellers might have heard of this one! I often use this great app to search and book the most affordable flights for my travels. It compares flights, hotels and cars from destinations all across the world and even alerts you when prices change. If you're thinking of booking something in for the Christmas break, start looking now! In my experience it's always best to book flights earlier rather than later.


This one is a recent discovery of mine. This app has some AWESOME features. Namely, the 'Explore the World' option which allows users to select a departing city and search the world for flights from that place. You can adjust the search parameters to reflect the duration, flight time, dates, price range, destination weather and even the type of travel you fancy. I love using it to search for easy and cheap flights for quick weekends away during term time!

5. Visitacity

My Protocol friends told me about this app last week and it seems like a very worthy addition to my collection. It allows you to design itineraries according to how many days you’re staying in a city as well as the style of travelling you prefer such as ‘London Museums’ or ‘London Top Attractions: A packed itinerary’. It also offers other travel tips and information on main sites so you can easily make a plan to make the most of your time there.

6. Been

If you’ve ever been curious about how much of the world you’ve visited, this is the app for you! There are several variations of this app but basically it allows you to enter all the countries you’ve been to and then gives you a visual representation and percentage!

Hopefully these apps give you the inspiration, motivation and tools to make the most of your half term break or plan some new adventures in the upcoming months!

Keep an eye out for emails and posts on social media platforms for travel nights hosted by Protocol Education.

We had one last week at the Tottenham Court Road office, where representatives from various travel companies including Busabout, Contiki, Topdeck and TravelTalk etc. offered special deals and discounts to Protocol teachers and staff.

As hardworking and dedicated teachers, it’s really important to use the holiday periods wisely and try to have a proper break. Teaching, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing and rewarding careers you can have, but unfortunately it is also stressful and all-consuming at times. Therefore, if you can, taking the opportunity to travel and spend time discovering new places, people and cultures can be one of the best ways to properly detox from school and make the most of your school holidays.


‘of all the books in the world, the best stories are those found between the pages of a passport’.

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