Location: Middlesbrough
Job Type: Contract
Industry: Secondary Teacher | SEN Teacher | Secondary | SEN Support Jobs | Secondary Cover Supervisors | SEN | Secondary Support
Reference: PE11198176
Salary: £100 - £130 per day
Job Published: 11 months ago
Being stuck at home is getting real boring by all accounts, but do you know what's worse? Being diagnosed by Covid-19 or passing it on to someone else! Please be sensible, don't be selfish and stay indoors.

Now that's got out the way, you're probably going a bit crazy right? The kids are driving you up the wall, you've raided all that Netflix has to offer, and the days and hours seem to blur into one big ball of 'what on earth is going on''. I bet you have never wanted to get back to work so much before (never thought I would use that phrase) but have you honestly put enough preparation in to making sure you can secure the right type of role when the world goes back to normal?

If you are reading this then you're looking for work or at least curious to see what your options are right now, and I don't blame you. When the schools and alternative settings open their doors fully again they will require staff like never before and they will need them quickly, and where will schools approach to get that? Agencies! And that's where we come in, we are Protocol-Education (well I'm not, my name is Kyle)

We work with over 200+ clients in the Teesside area from mainstream education to alternative and Niche areas, we genuinely care about the staff that work with us and we don't mess you around…enough said. If you want to get ahead of the crowd and find the perfect role, then send me over your C.V right now and register with us, It's not hard, it only takes 30 minutes and you can do it from your own home. Questions? I thought you might have some, so read below:

'I've never worked through an agency before, how does it all work?'' - very simply put, we ask you what type of work you'd like and then give you a call when we've found a role that fits what you have asked for. Don't like the role we've suggested to you? No problem, just say no! we will then find you another.

'so what do I need to do to sign up, is it annoying and time consuming?'' - come on now, you've got all the time in the world! But no, it's very quick and easy. We video chat on the phone, you email over some required documents and then that's it…Voila! You now have access to hundreds of job roles you didn't have before.

'I'm already registered with an agency, why should I bother signing up with you?'' - you're asking the wrong question completely, why WOULDN'T you? The more agencies you are with, the more offers you receive and the more options you have which improves your chances of securing the right role quickly, which in the current climate isn't exactly a bad thing is it?

'I don't need to register with you, I think my current role is quite safe and it's not worth my time'' - Think of us as insurance, everything is so disjointed currently and no one has a crystal ball to know what is going to happen (aside from Mystic meg and Gandalf) it can never hurt to have yourself signed up with a good agency ready and waiting, just in case something does change.

And that's it really! I won't rant any further, be smart, send over your C.V and i'll be in touch.