Finance & Procurement Officer

Location: Tower Hamlets
Job Type: Contract
Industry: Primary
Reference: PE11255575
Salary: £100 - £125 per day
Job Published: 22 days ago
We are working with a fantastic Primary School in Tower Hamlets who are looking to recruit a finance and procurement officer for the new school term.

1. To meet the financial legal requirements of the school, to provide a smooth financial service for our busy professional staff, to support budget holders to control costs and support profit-makers to maximise income.
2. To contribute to the overall ethos, work and aims of the school

1. Increased income:
a. Customer service for the parent payment system is efficiently merged with other parent management systems in the school so that the parent experience is as smooth as possible
b. The parent payment system is effectively administered in partnership with others who manage parent relationships to maximise income for the school.
c. Income and profit (including margins) is processed and reported on in a timely way that meets the needs of the school.
d. Financial management for new business activities is administered effectively to maximise income and profit.
e. Banking for businesses is managed efficiently.
f. Business cases are well-monitored.

Service smooth enough for very busy professional staff:
a. Processes are as light as possible and everyone knows what they're supposed to do, when they're supposed to do it and why (within the finance team and around the school)
b. Staff have clarity on what the finance team are able to do for them around school trips, dinners, events, etc. and how this happens and it is managed with precise efficiency.
c. The customer relationship is regularly evaluated and we ask what we can do better and then we act upon it.

Costs controlled:
a. Suppliers are paid on as favourable terms for us as possible, as few times as possible and supplier records are kept up to date with as little data entry as possible.
b. Cash flow is managed.
c. Banking is managed and we get good service from our banking partners.
d. Spending decisions are good:
i. Budget holders develop strategic procurement partnerships with key suppliers, facilitated by finance to ensure that:
1. We choose good value products
2. Delivery systems require least time and effort by school staff
3. Our credit terms are as favourable as possible to the school
4. We good business cases and those business cases are then monitored and evaluated
5. Tendering processes are facilitated and carried out to ensure strong strategic partnerships
ii. Budget holders are well-trained in their financial management responsibilities and understand the processes and their role in it.
iii. All staff are well-trained in their financial management responsibilities and understand the processes and their role in it.

Operational Processes:
a. Process orders ensuring sufficient funds are available beforehand, receive delivered goods and process invoices.
b. Process payments following required authorisation and ensure cheques and BACS are signed by relevant signatories.
c. Issue petty cash payments ensuring required receipts and signatories are obtained for all purchases.
d. Ensure the safe receipt, handling and banking of monies and cheques received
e. Manage the administration process effectively for booking school trips, collection of monies on Parent Pay system and reporting to the trip organiser the income and expenditure.
f. Provide assistance to staff with regards to financial issues, for example, placing and following up orders, advising on best value, providing details of alternative suppliers.
g. Liaise with suppliers, contractors, other schools and organisations, budget holders and attend to queries as required by Line Manager.
h. Contribute to the evaluation and development of financial systems and procedures.

Legal requirements met:
a. Accounting records are kept up to date
b. Fraud is guarded against and checked on
i. Bank reconciliations
ii. Procurement approval processes
iii. Physical security measures are in place

General Responsibilities common to all support staff job descriptions

1. To undertake general duties, administration and any reasonable task as directed by the Line Manager or Head teacher and to carry out such other tasks as are essential to fulfil the job's core purpose
2. Participate in training and development, and attend and participate in meetings, as required, including until 5.00 once per week at most, with time taken in lieu.
3. Assist with first-aid for students and staff, including looking after sick students and liaising with parents and staff
4. Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures, and report all concerns to an appropriate person, in respect of:
a. child protection,
b. health, safety and security,
c. confidentiality, and
d. data protection.
5. Contribute to the school's commitment to equality of access to opportunities to learn and develop for all students
6. Undertake these duties within agreed school objectives, policies and procedures and promote the Schools Equal Opportunities Policy
7. To present a positive impression of the school in all encounters with visitors or on school visits
8. To respond calmly to the challenges of school life