Why Choose Us?

With consultants in Australia and New Zealand, offices all across England and a dedicated team in the UK to help you settle in, choosing us for your UK teaching adventure means you'll get the best experience from day one.

To top it all off, we're one of the only agencies that will give you the option of Agency PAYE - meaning you'll get more take-home pay at the end of the day.

How do I start?

Just send us your contact details, and we'll do the rest. One of our consultants will be in touch to answer your questions, and from there, it's a simple four step process to get you on your way.

1. Contact

Take the first step - send us your contact details and one of our local consultants will get straight in touch!

2. Discuss

Tell us your preferences and we'll help you find the type of work, school and location that suits you best

3. Support

Paperwork sorted: visas, police checks, references and all the help you need to set up your brand new life overseas

4. Go!

Get on that plane! You'll arrive to free training, bonuses, UK teacher parties and great travel discounts

“The ability to have guaranteed work, a competitive wage, flexibility, being paid through PAYE and honest staff were the major winners for me”

Alana - new graduate, University of Newcastle

Guaranteed Work Agreements

Want to start out doing daily cover assignments, but unsure about the certainty of your income? Don't worry! A Guaranteed Work Agreement (GWA) is the option for you.

In a GWA we guarantee you a certain number of days work over a term, and in return, you agree to commit to Protocol Education for the term. If you don't have work for all the guaranteed days by the end of the term, we pay you the difference in a single lump sum.

What’s the catch? There are no catches! You can end the agreement at any time without penalty, or you can take up a long-term role mid-term without losing your guarantee. A GWA simply helps teachers who prefer daily supply to enjoy the same certainty as teachers in long-term roles. Easy as that!

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£500 Arrival Bonus

What would you spend a spare £500 on to kick-start your UK adventure - flights? Shoes? A very big round of drinks? Register with Protocol Education for the chance to find out!

Take a long-term position with a school, or sign up to a Guaranteed Work Agreement for daily supply, before you arrive in the UK and we’ll pay you a £500 bonus at the end of your first term teaching with us. Simple as that!

Speak to your consultant for the full terms and conditions of this special limited offer.

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Link Video Interviews

How would you like to talk directly with UK headteachers to find out what their school can offer you, all from the comfort of your own home? Welcome to Link!

We help you create a 30-second video profile that sets you apart from the crowd, and gives a positive first impression to potential headteachers. The online booking process then makes it easy for headteachers to schedule an interview with you across time zones, and our consultants are on hand to help you to get the most out of your interview.

It’s a quick, easy and effective recruitment process that takes all of the complications out of interviewing for a role before you step on the plane!

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Meet your future headteacher before leaving home

Interview with visiting UK headteachers (principals) in your hometown and secure a long-term position before even setting foot on the plane. Early years, primary, secondary and special ed roles are available to start in January, April and September. Interviews take place in Australia and NZ during the September school holidays and in Canada in April.

This has proven to be such a hit that we have the same UK heads coming out to Australia/NZ for the third year running!

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Referral Bonus

With such a shortage of teachers in the UK, we're always keen to hear about people who are interested in taking up the call. And, if you refer them to us, we're more than happy to give you a referral bonus as a thank-you.

If you know a teacher who wants to travel to the UK to work, refer them to us and we’ll pay you $100 in vouchers. No need to wait until the teacher has worked a certain number of days. Once they are registered, you'll receive the voucher before you leave. That should help with some of your last-minute supplies!

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