Protocol Education: Your School Workforce Partner

How Protocol Education can help you navigate a changing recruitment landscape

Assessing Your Changing Workforce Needs

As your pupils return to the classroom, you will need to assess your changing workforce requirements:

  • Are all your staff available to return?

  • What gaps do you need to fill?

  • Do you have the capacity to deliver extra tuition, support and mentoring?

  • Are you able to attract new staff and NQTs through advertising?

Protocol Education can help answer all these questions and more.

Protocol have been working hard to
recruit and prepare candidates to help schools reopen safely and support the catch-up needs of your pupils.

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Creating Your Recruitment Road Map

Here's how we will help you steer a course through the current challenges and ensure your school is fully staffed.

1. Identify Your Needs - Via online meetings, we will help you explore your staffing needs. From covering absent staff to creating a pool of extra support workers for interventions and catch-up, we can help you define your requirements.

2. Create a Long List - Based on your requirements, we will build a long-list of the best available candidates, taking into account locality and safety, alongside skills and experience. We have recruited and cleared lots of new teachers and support workers through the school closures, as well as hundreds of NQTs looking to start their career in September.

3. Actively help you shortlist - We will send over our long list, including access to video profiles. During a shortlisting meeting, your consultant will be able to answer questions or fill in the gaps about the available candidates. We can then quickly schedule interviews and online trial sessions at a time that works for you.

4. Book video interviews and trial days - If you can't see people in person, video interviews are the next best thing. We will arrange the video link and allow you to explore each candidate in detail, safely, to discover if they are a correct fit for your vacancy and your school.

5. Built in flexibility - should you find that you want to make changes as the school year progresses, you have the flexibility to do so. We can increase or reduce the number of staff you have booked as your needs change.

Delivering a Flexible Workforce

We have the range of teachers and support workers who will make reopening easier.

Training Tutors in partnership with Best Practice Network, allowing us to provide catch-up and NTP tuition for your pupils

Offering specialist CPD courses, including units on Anxiety, as well as managing behaviour and helping to establish focus, means that our candidates will be ready to face the challenges of returning to the classroom.

Registering and clearing thousands of teaching and support staff, to offer you the greatest possible choice of candidates to fill your long-term vacancies.

NQT Connect attracts NQTs from around the country to fill your relevant vacancies for September

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