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Brilliant Teachers Found at Brunel Career Fair

16th October 2014

On Tuesday 14th October, we attended Brunel University’s Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair.  Mike and Poppy, from our London Candidate Management...

Working in Special Educational Needs

8th October 2014

Ahead of the TES SEN show this week and our own SEN Open Day coming up, we look at what is required to be an SEN teacher and what Protocol Education can offer to support you.  With...

What Are You Doing in Half Term?

7th October 2014

Thinking about the half term already? Not sure what to do? Come along with us to Stonehenge and the Roman city of Bath. Join us as we visit the best known prehistoric monument in...

Next SEN Open Day

2nd October 2014

Protocol Education will be hosting our termly SEN Open Day on Tuesday 28th October. This time the focus will be on supporting students with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties...

Supporting Nottingham Teachers and Teaching Assistants with CPD

1st October 2014

Our Nottingham Primary branch has been very busy lately running training sessions to support their teachers and teaching assistants. The team in Nottingham want to make sure...

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A Poem - ADHD

16th October 2014

Sam is currently working with a child who has ADHD. He has written a poem from his student's persective.  ADHD I’m not trying to be bad I’ve got ADHD My...

Marking Work

15th October 2014

Marking is part of your daily supply responsibility. But what's the best way? Hannah gives her tips.  Here are some little tips for marking as a short-term primary supply...

A Day in the Life of a Nursery Nurse

15th October 2014

Marion offers us an insight into her day as a nursery nurse. Up Bright and Early The day starts when I wake up, strolling out of bed rubbing my blurry eyes,  thinking...

To Be, Or Not To Be

14th October 2014

Dave has returned with his second blogs. He explores the decision of becoming a teacher, a decision that bears great responsibility. To Be, Or Not To Be?: Part 1 of 2 This...

Mind the Gap

14th October 2014

Lynn is a experience supply teacher and she knows that sometimes when you get into the classroom you will find no planning or incomplete planning left for you.  Mind the...

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