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CACHE Endorsed Learning Programmes for Our Teaching Assistants

24th October 2014

Protocol Education is committed to supporting all of our staff and this month we are really trying to increase what we do for our teaching and learning support assistants in collaboration...

Protocol Education Consultants Volunteer as Teaching Assistants

23rd October 2014

Over the last few weeks, some of our consultants have taken time away from their desks to get involved in their local schools and lend a helping hand.  Heading into the classroom...

Upcoming CPD Courses

23rd October 2014

CPD is in full flow with a great line up for the next month! We are currently working on expanding our offering and hope to have a few new courses lined up for January which will be...

Brilliant Teachers Found at Brunel Career Fair

16th October 2014

On Tuesday 14th October, we attended Brunel University’s Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair.  Mike and Poppy, from our London Candidate Management...

Working in Special Educational Needs

8th October 2014

Ahead of the TES SEN show this week and our own SEN Open Day coming up, we look at what is required to be an SEN teacher and what Protocol Education can offer to support you.  With...

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Discussing Behaviour Management

23rd October 2014

Bobby gives us his tips on behaviour management.  When I speak to other teachers the words “classroom management” always comes up and this is because it is a...

Writing a Mission Statement

23rd October 2014

Have you written a mission statement for you class? Samantha tackles this for her new class this term.  Within two weeks of having a form class I now know all of their names,...

The Guide to UK Internet

23rd October 2014

A word of warning from Amanda about setting up your internet connection in the UK.  Setting up internet is not something you would think you have to worry much about, but...

A Poem - ADHD

16th October 2014

Sam is currently working with a child who has ADHD. He has written a poem from his student's persective.  ADHD I’m not trying to be bad I’ve got ADHD My...

Marking Work

15th October 2014

Marking is part of your daily supply responsibility. But what's the best way? Hannah gives her tips.  Here are some little tips for marking as a short-term primary supply...

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