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Pay Related Questions

How often will I get paid?

Protocol Education pay all staff on a weekly basis. Payment is subject to us receiving a signed/approved timesheet for the work completed.

How much will I get paid?

Teachers / Support staff pay rates are based on experience and qualifications. On registration with Protocol Education we will take this into account and ensure you receive a competitive rate of pay that you are entirely satisfied with.

Do you offer holiday pay?

This is incorporated in your daily rate as you will not receive pay over any holiday periods.

How do I get Protocol Education timesheets?

To obtain a copy of Protocol Education's latest timesheet download, save and print copies here

How do I fill in my timesheet correctly?

The easiest way is to follow the instructions as set out in our "How To Complete Your Timesheet" guide.

What are the deadlines for submission of my timesheets?

Your timesheets need to reach Payroll by 6pm on Monday evening to ensure payment for that Friday.

How do I send you my timesheet?

The best way to get your timesheet to us is by fax on 0207 421 2900. We have recently installed extra fax capacity so you should be able to get your timesheet through to us even at the busiest periods.

You can also scan and email your timesheet to (saving the file as a TIF file is the best, but PDFs and JPGs are also acceptable).

How will I know my timesheet is being processed?

Every time a timesheet you have sent in is processed (i.e. matched to your booking on our system and therefore confirmed for payment) you will be sent a text message informing you that all is well.

If by Monday evening you have not received a text message for every timesheet you sent in from the previous week, then please call the payroll department on 0207 618 4180 between 8.15 and 11am on a Tuesday morning, during this time we will help track down the problem and rectify it in time for you to get paid as per normal!

So remember, your text message not only means we have your timesheet but we are processing your pay, saving you the time and cost of calling in to us.