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Reading to Children: The Foundation of a Good Education

20th September 2012

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Charlie is an LSA working in schools in Bristol through Protocol Education.

The Importance of being (an) Ernst (reader)

Who remembers being told a bedtime story by their parents, grandparents or carer? Isn’t it just the one of the most treasured childhood memories? It certainly is for me.

Now excuse the literary pun (Oscar Wilde would probably be turning in his grave), though I’m sure he’d understand its for a good cause) but it really is important that children not only learn to be an Ernst reader but also to learn to love books and where else better to start that love than a bedtime story?

Unfortunately not all children have this opportunity due to their parents not having enough time or being uneducated themselves and that is why my role as an LSA is so important.  As just a small part of my morning I am currently helping to run the reading recovery program at the school where I am temping for one term with Protocol Education.

The foundation of education

I have come to quickly realise over these past few weeks that reading and learning how to read as well as phonics and numeracy of course is the foundation of a young child’s education and can really have an effect on the whole of their future learning. It may seem quite unremarkable to sit down with a child and help them put together the sounds to make the words that make the sentences and then help them comprehend the meanings of these sentences into a story.

Storytelling is what our society is built on its how we learn lessons, morals, human values, where dreams are made, battles fought, hearts won and where we find out how little white rabbit makes a friend! Even in these basic first stories the children are learning these things, so to give up your time to aid this I think is really quite admirable. We have a lot of volunteers come into the school to help with readers and to just take the time to listen, be patient and encouraging and this is all the children need.

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