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Creeping like Snail, Unwilling to School

10th May 2013

Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol.Today's post sees Lynne pondering the local school boys and how they seem to leave home seemingly unprepared for the school day...

The nice people at Protocol Education didn't call this morning so I was standing at the bedroom window working up enthusiasm to go to the gym and idly watching pupils from the local comp toiling up the hill. When I retired and started supply teaching this school was on the list of institutions where I will not work having no wish to encounter my neighbours' offspring in the classroom. I thought how awesome it is that nothing has changed for over four hundred years when Shakespeare described pupils

".......creeping like snail

Unwillingly to school."

However, according to the Bard, at least the sixteenth century school-boys had 'satchels'. The ones I was watching went to school with their hands in their pockets carrying nothing at all.

It never ceases to amaze me that some children depart from home for school without a pen or pencil, let alone a ruler or a rubber. And as for chance. I have noticed that teachers increasingly keep exercise books in their classrooms since children cannot be trusted to bring them to lessons and long gone are the days when textbooks were dished out to keep. These twenty first century school-boys - and it generally is boys because, as we know, females love bags of any description - spend all day begging for something to write with from their teachers or fellow pupils. (I refuse to lend stuff on principle since one seldom gets it back and I would be spending all my supply pay at W H Smith). As they bring no books they do all their work on bits of paper which are lost shortly after each lesson.

Do the parents of these children not notice that they are going out the door each morning with nothing? I recall every evening before they went to bed asking my own offspring if their bags were ready for the following day.

It is all very well Mr.Gove calling for our schools to emulate those in Singapore and China by lengthening the school day but not much use if our pupils don't have a pencil...

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