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An Inspiration: The Staff Meeting Poem

19th June 2011

In this teaching blog, Caitlin shares something that means a lot to her. This poem resonates with her teaching, and keeps her inspired to teach.

A Teacher's Prayer...

I adore this poem and thought I’d share it with you all. It was read out before a staff meeting during one of my Protocol Education teaching placements. What a lovely way to start a meeting and remind us of what teachers can do for the children in their lives.

A Teacher’s Prayer

I want to teach my students’ more than lessons in a book:
I want to teach them deeper things that people overlook-   

The value of a rose in bloom, its use and beauty too,
A sense of curiosity to discover what is true;

How to think and how to choose the right above the wrong,
How to live and learn each day and grow up to be strong;

To teach them always to gain in wisdom and in grace,
So they will someday make the world a brighter, better place;

So let me be a friend and guide to give these minds a start,
Upon their way down life’s long road, then I’ll have done my part.

This poem always gets me thinking about why I became a teacher and my reason changes every time. At the moment I love the line ‘A sense of curiosity to discover what is true.’ I hope that I can inspire my students to question everything and never stop wondering why. I want them to have the ability to independently find answers and then share their discoveries with others. I like it when the younger students expect me to know everything and I can show them that I learn every day too, whether it be something about dinosaurs or an easier way to solve a maths problem or something about themselves or something about my teaching. I hope there’s something in the poem that stands out for you too.

~by Caitlin, a supply teacher working in Manchester schools through Protocol Education. Click here to read more by Caitlin.

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