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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Books are a brilliant resource and Sophie shares some ideas of using them in your lessons. A Book Can Take You a Long Way In my supply bag I always...

Tags: SophieW, Bristol, supply, NQT, books, literature, World-Book-Day, author, lessons, ideas, tips, resources

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Kirstie is a Canadian secondary teacher in Milton Keynes who blogs for Protocol Education regularly. She believes that incorporating celebrations of culture into her lessons can be invaluable for her students. As a teacher and an Aboriginal...

Tags: Kirsten, Culture, Secondary Supply Teacher, Aboriginal, Classroom Visitor, History, Protocol Education

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Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol.Today's post sees Lynne pondering the local school boys and how they seem to leave home seemingly unprepared...

Tags: Lyn, Protocol Education, Teach in Bristol, School boys, Shakespeare, Primary Supply Teacher

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Amy is a Primary Teacher working in schools in London through Protocol Education. Her first Protoblog describes a particularly successful RE lesson. Excuses Excuses!   A faith school in an affluent North London suburb:   I...

Tags: AmyC, Primary Teacher, Supply Teacher, RE, Teach in London, Protocol Education, Excuses

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“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world” (John Keating, Dead Poet’s Society, 1989). It’s World Book Day so we thought we’d combine the love of fiction and our admiration of teachers. We’ve...

Tags: Protocol-Education, books, literature, film, fiction, celebrations, World-Book-Day,

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education. Heather tackles the debate of films versus books. I’m sure a question most teacher’s or young literates come to ask...

Tags: Heather, LondonNorth, Canadian-trained, teacher, books, literature, films, characters, learning, experiences, insights

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Megan is a Canadian Teaching Assistant who has recently moved to London and is currently working in schools through Protocol Education. She continues her Green Classroom theme with a post that reflects on how much children stand to benefit from getting...

Tags: Megan,TA,Teaching Assistant, Support work in London, Nature, Environment, Protocol Education

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education. Heather has a love for literature and she shares her insights from a recent TED talk.  How Books Can Open Your Mind –...

Tags: Heather, Canadian-trained, teacher, books, literature, views, education,

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton.Today she discusses the issue of peer pressure in Primary schools and it's effect on her students. “Johnny did it first!” Peer pressure...

Tags: EmmaH, Teaching Assistant, Peer Pressure, Primary Schools, Support Worker, Uniform Policy, Protocol Education

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Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion! If you ask any of my colleagues they will tell you how important inclusion is to me as a teacher. I firmly believe, like all teachers do, that every child deserves the right to be treated equally and to receive...

Tags: Clare, Teacher, Protocol Education, Teach in Essex, Primary Teaching Jobs, SEN, Inclusion, SEN Teaching Jobs, BSL, British Sign Language, Deaf

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